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MIMOSA2 is an extension of MIMOSA - a novel framework for mechanistically linking microibome ecology and metabolomic data. Among other features, it provides a web-application interface, new visualization, and a new algorithm for calculating taxonomic contributions to metabolite variation.



» MIMOSA2>Web Application

  Run MIMOSA2 via our web application.

» MIMOSA2>Code (GitHub)

  Download the MIMOSA2 source code from GitHub repository.

» MIMOSA2>Documentation

  Learn how to obtain, compile, and use MIMOSA2 in your analysis.



MIMOSA2 is a comprehensive framework to systematically link variation in metabolomic data with community composition by utilizing taxonomic, genomic, and metabolic information. It integrates available and inferred genomic data, metabolic network modeling, and a method for predicting community-wide metabolite turnover to estimate the biosynthetic and degradation potential of a given community. It then compares variation in predicted metabolic potential with variation in measured metabolites' abundances to evaluate whether community composition can explain observed shifts in the community metabolome. It further determines the contribution of each taxon to observed metabolite variation.



C Noecker, A Eng, E Muller, E Borenstein. MIMOSA2: A metabolic network-based tool for inferring mechanism-supported relationships in microbiome-metabolome data. Bioinformatics, btac003, 2022

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